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Why do I see on my bank statement a withdrawn wording PX-MYMANUALS.NET ?

If a px-mymanuals.net transaction appear on your bank statement, this is probably because a purchase was made on PX-Mymanuals partner sites.

I don’t find which subscription corresponding to the bank levy I see on my bank account.

To know the subscription for which you have subscribed, simply send us an email or fill out our contact form indicating the email address used when paying the subscription.

I don’t remember the email used when subscribing to your subscription. How to find it?

It’s very simple, you just have to contact the PX-Mymanuals team by our contact form, by mail or by phone and indicate us as much detail as possible so that we can regain your subscription.

How can I terminate my subscription?

This the main function of our website, you just have to go to the termination page then indicate the mail address you use during your subscription. Then PX-Mymanuals will find your subscription and it will be immediately terminate.

I do not having subscribed to a subscription with PX-Mymanuals anymore.

It’s all normal, there is indeed no mistake, since it is from one of our business partners that you have subscribed a subscription contract. Indeed PX-Mymanuals.net is an after-sales service, that’s why you see on your bank statement PX-MYMANUALS.NET.

Which subscriptions supports PX-Mymanuals ?

PX-Mymanuals is specialised in the management and the termination of a subscription wording PX-MYMANUALS to know: Subscriptions subscribed to assist professionals and individuals in various areas such as assistance to people.